Building Variations On the Go

Do you want your variations approved instantly? On site?

In my experience builders often do not get paid for the variations that they do as they are unable to prove what has been agreed.

Money is spent on legal fees to prove a case that variations should/should not be paid for when in fact there should have been no argument; and it is usually the case that because nothing was signed by the parties to prove what was agreed, the lawyers are the only true winners.

So what can be done?

Getting pieces of paper signed (the current solution) simply does not happen often enough in practice.

Enter mobile technology.

Mobile solutions can deliver significant benefits to builders provided that they are used. They can improve efficiency and reduce time delays meaning that there is a lower risk of liquidated damages and, not to be too blunt, going broke.

Many construction management software solutions in the market assist in improving project management efficiency. But they do not effectively manage variations as the software cannot be accessed on-site for an instant sign off by all the parties to a variation.

A software solution that only generates internal documents, might not be used to PROVE what has been agreed with a third party subcontractor or owner. It is not enough to have one way communication; both parties have to agree.

A new solution is currently being trialled for the construction industry. One where variations can be prepared, sent and signed electronically on site, instantly. For more information take a look at

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