Notary Public

A notary public (or notary) is an experienced solicitor who acts like an internationally recognised justice of the peace.

A notary public can can take oaths, witness signatures, certify documents as true copies  as a notary. For details of other services click here

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) can authenticate a notary public’s signature with an Apostille. Information about DFAT in South Australia and Apostilles can be found at DFAT Adelaide


If a signature needs to be witnessed on a document, the person signing must first establish their identity. This means they must provide proof of who they are.  Generally a passport and drivers licence will be needed. A person signing as a director of a company will be required to provide a current ASIC search.

After identity has been established the document can be signed and the notary will place his or her signature on the document and affix their seal.

Services will be refused if the notary is not satisfied that the person signing understands the nature and effect of the document being signed.

If a document is to be certified as a true copy of the original, the original MUST be made available.


The fees associated with notarial services will vary depending on the services that are needed. To provide an accurate cost estimate, the documents to be notarised (along with any copies) may need to be seen first.

If an apostille is also required on the document, DFAT will charge a fee for that service.