Notary Public

A notary public (or notary) is an internationally recognised justice of the peace.

A notary is an experienced solicitor authorised by the Supreme Court to take oaths and witness signatures as a notary. Their signature is registered with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

DFAT can authenticate a notary public’s signature – that is issue an Apostille. For more information about DFAT in South Australia and Apostilles go to DFAT Adelaide

Before a signature can be witnessed by a notary, the person signing must establish their identity. This means that they must bring documentary proof of who they are – generally a passport.

Where a person signs as a director of a company, a current ASIC search will also be required.

If the notary is not satisfied that the person signing understands the nature and effect of the document being signed, they will refuse their services.

The fees associated with notarial services will vary depending on the services that are needed.

To provide an accurate cost estimate, the documents to be notarised (along with any copies) may need to be seen.

Any document that needs to be certified as a true copy of the original cannot be so certified unless the the original is also produced.